A Picnic for Two

He brushed his lips against hers slowly as his strong arms gently wrapped their way about her lovely waist. A soft summer wind swept around them, stirring the full canopy of maple leaves above. Her lips were honey sweet and silky smooth, a combination that he could easily get lost in. Each kiss seemed to be even sweeter than the last, inviting him back in for each one. Slowly he wrapped his arms a little tighter around her, drawing her close against him. He could just feel the lightness of her sundress through his old shirt. Intimately his fingers, rough from years working with his hands, caressed up her back, tracing the lift of her spine slowly. Her body arched slightly against his large frame causing a soft smile to cross his lips as he continued to kiss her. He couldn’t help but let his tongue slip forth slowly to part her lips and sample the sweet cavern of her alluring mouth. Happily she welcomed him, the velvet of her tongue slowly and gently caressing his in invitation.

Slowly he deepened the kiss, his arm tugging her fully against his frame. There was an underlying urgency in his touch as he attempted to meld their bodies together through their clothing. A soft groan of need slipped from his lips as her hands slipped under his shirt, soft fingers caressing along the muscular ridges of his sides. Gently her hands slipped around to his back as their kiss gradually deepened and grew more heated. The tease of her hands along his back was beginning to make his blood run even hotter and he felt himself gradually swelling with desire. The desire was transferred to his lips, which pressed against hers like a fiery brand, eager to place his claim upon those soft petals. His hands slipped from her back, falling quickly to take her lovely ass in a firm grip. There came a slight groan of effort and hunger as his arms flexed, lifting her lovely little body aloft. As if on instinct, her legs happily found their way around his waist and before either of them knew what was transpiring, he had her pinned against the tree, the roughness of his denim jeans grinding intimately against her soft panties, her short dress having slipped up.

She offered a soft moan against his lips as the state of his arousal became evident to her. Smiling, he broke the kiss, his lips moving to sample the sweet lines of her neck as his body ground against hers slowly and intimately. Her desire grew quickly with him so eagerly pressing against her. Grabbing the hem of his shirt, she wasted little time in pulling it from him, casting it aside before running her hands across his chest and along his abs slowly. Another soft groan issued from his lips as he was teased with the sensation of her hands slowly and hesitantly exploring his bare torso. The soft little moans that issued from her when the bucking of his hips hit a particularly pleasing spot were like music to his ears and only encouraged him; he desired to hear what other lovely sounds might be produced from her parted lips. The grinding and rocking of his hips increased in tempo, the manifestation of his desire pressed firmly against the constraining denim of his jeans, eager to feel the source of the heat pouring from between her smooth thighs. His eagerness to please her made him shift suddenly, pulling her from the tree.

With one swift movement he had her upon the picnic table, a surprised gasp issuing from her as the sudden change. Issuing not a word, he kissed her deeply as his hands slipped up along her thighs, sliding the short skirt of her dress up over her hips. Breaking the kiss, he leaned down her body just as his long, rough fingers slipped around the waistband of her cotton panties, tugging them off of her sensually. Heat flooded her face and she closed her eyes, suddenly embarrassed to be so exposed to his gaze. When his grey eyes came to rest upon her soft mound he instantly licked his lips, ready for a taste of the sweet honey that was causing her soft folds to glisten. Leaning in slowly, he breathed in the erotic scent of her, his head spinning with delight before he placed several slow, intimate kisses along her tender sex. The lovely whimpers that slipped from her lips had him kissing deeper, sampling her intoxicating taste. Her thighs parted happily and her fingers suddenly found their way to the back of his head, tangled in his hair as she silently encouraged him to continue.. to go even deeper. He was all too happy to oblige her, his strong, rough hands cupping her lovely ass, lifting her hips up as he worked his tongue to the limits of its length, swirling and darting about. Eagerly he searched her walls, seeking the very epicenter of her pleasure, wanting to fan the flames that he could feel burning at her core. Every stroke of his wicked tongue had her arching and moaning in delight, his focus upon the most pleasing areas of her velvet sex. He worked her until she was gasping for breath, her long fingers clinging to his head, pressing him into her.

Slowly he broke the erotic kiss, licking his lips slowly to savor her intoxicating taste. She lay upon the table. Eyes closed and lips parted as she danced about, her hands tugging with a strong craving to feel his tongue one more. Reaching up, he gently took her hands in his, kissing her palms tenderly as he stood up straight. When she opened her eyes out of curiosity, she found herself gazing into the molten pools of grey that had become his eyes, shimmering with hunger. A wicked smiled found its way onto his face. Releasing her hands, he reached down to take hold of her hips, his calloused touch in stark contrast to the smoothness of her light skin. She seemed to shiver slightly as he drew her body closer to the edge of the table, her dress riding up a little more as it caught on the surface. Once he had her where he desired, his left hand slipped to her soft, slick mound, thumb teasing the sensitive little bud of her clit. His right hand went to his belt, easily undoing it and then his jeans. As they fell away, he took his length in hands, stroking slowly before he teasingly rubbed the tip against her slick folds. Her soft moan was filled with a happy, eager edge that made him smile all the more. Lining him self up, his hands moved to hold her pretty hips again. Looking deeply into her eyes, he began to rock his hips slowly, gently introducing his thick, throbbing length into the velvet heat of her sex. A pleasing shiver ran up his spine in reaction to the sensation of her walls parting and then wrapping about him tightly, drawing him deeper. Her hands quickly found his sides, grabbing onto him in a silent insistence to have all of him, to make their two bodies into one. Feeling the need in her hands, he was more than happy to oblige her. With one powerful movement, he buried himself inside her fully. A great moan rolled off her tongue at the sensation of being filled completely with him, his strong body standing over her arched beauty.

His dark grey eyes flickered, a storm of hunger and desire raging within their depths. Her light blue eyes held the same energy, her auburn hair fanned out around her head like a halo. Gently he began to move within her, drawing back before pushing into her intimately. Her soft moans and whimpers were like sweet music to his ears and he played her body gently, shifting his movements to cause new moans to issue from her perfectly parted lips. Gently his hands gripped her hips a little tighter, his movements coming faster and a bit more firmly. He could feel her sweet nectar coating his thick length as he thrust into her, her walls gripping and squeezing, pulling him in even deeper. Slowly she wrapped her long legs about his waist, squeezing him between her strong thighs as his thrusts grew more heated, the desire to take her roughly always at the back of his mind. Slowly he pushed the desire back, wanting to focus on keeping things as intimate and perfect for her as he possibly could. His hips ground against her thighs and ass with each deep stroke of his length, filling her and causing her lovely form to arch in carnal bliss. She moaned and gasped, his name rolling from her lips like so many hungry kisses. With each of her sweet moans, he increased his tempo until the sounds of their coupling filled his ears. The muscles of his torso rippled and began to glisten with effort as her hot, lovely body danced on the table before him in pleasure. Shifting his thrusts, he did his best to hit her most sensitive areas which resulted in her bucking and squirming all the more. Her moans soon mixed with his deep groans of pleasure as they charged headlong towards their mutual release. With a sudden stroke, he buried himself inside her, erupting in his climax. She followed immediately, her body arching up off the table to cling to him as she cried out her pleasure over and over…

Pleasing My Master, Part 1

Nibbling along his jaw, she dropped her head to suckle on the side of his neck in a slow, wet kiss, and he bucked, hands gripping the edge of the couch as her lips found his weak spot, and upon hearing the gasp, she smiled against his neck, nipping sharply at the wet patch of skin before pressing her tongue flat against it slowly and soothingly. He gasped in reaction to her bite, the tone one of naked pleasure and it slowly melted into a low moan as her tongue took over.

“Be careful, baby,” he warned in a slow voice and, dragging her teeth along the column of his throat, her hips began a slow, sensual grinding motion against his lap as her tongue moved to his ear and she whispered, “Why would I, Master?”

“Because,” he said, a lovely shudder passing through his spine in response to her grinding, “You are going to make me want to take you…” He paused, leaning in, his breath soft and sinful against her neck before sinking a bite of his own into her flesh, “…like there’s no tomorrow.”

She moaned and shivered, hips bucking forward slightly in reaction to his bite; her body trembling from the promise in his words and the arousal that slowly awoke from them, and she whispered quietly and breathlessly, “Then I.. don’t want.. to be careful.”

His hands rose to life and ensconced her rounded, luscious ass, groaning into her neck as he feast on her heated flesh, hell bent on stoking her arousal to unimaginable extents and the first ploy he used was a sensual, sinful, sharp spank followed by a grating whisper, “Even if it means being bent over, on your hands and knees, ass on display for me?”

She whimpered quietly as she felt his hands grab and fondle her ass, her hips moving sensually against him before bucking wildly forward once more, this time sharper and harder as she threw her head back on a sharp gasp, back arching at the spank. His words caused a shiver to race down her spine as she dropped her head to nibble on his bottom lip, tilting her head to tug on it lightly before releasing it on a whisper, “Do you promise to fuck me, Master?”

“Until you are begging and screaming for me to stop, baby doll,” he growled, his hands clenching around her tight ass cheeks, dragging her forward to press against his gloriously hard, throbbing cock whilst theit lips foraged for pleasure in each other. “I’ll take you as a Master takes his slave.”

Moaning into the kiss, it was a dark, needy moan to be swallowed by his lips as she ground tight against his arousal, heeding the call of his fondling hands as she tore her lips from his in order to gasp out, “I don’t think I’d.. ever tell you.. to stop..”

“Good girl,” he breathed, their faces so close to each other and both their eyes burning in pure, raging lust for each other. He lifted one of his hands to caress her cheek, pulling her into a softer, more sensual kiss. His tongue slipped inside her mouth and his lips lavished lovely, long eager suckles to hers before ordering, “On your knees for me then, sweetheart.. head down… and ass up.”

Her eyes brightening with his praise, a shiver stole over her spine, making her tremble as the only hesitation she provide was to ask softly, “clothes on?” She paused to kiss him briefly, deeply before continuing with, “or off?”

“Off,” he whispered back, settling into the comfort of the couch as he circled his fingers around his shaft, slowly beginning to stroke himself to the sight of her in such sumptuous need, and her eyes dropped to the movement of his hand. She moaned darkly, licking her lips as she crawled off his lap, her gaze fixated on his hand as she slid off the couch and onto her knees.

Leaning forward, mesmerized, she lid her tongue forth to lick at the tip of his glorious length, sucking on the sensitive head once, eyes flicking up to his as she pulled away with a grin and stood in one fluid motion before him. She slowly, sensually, and teasingly took off her clothes, hooking a fingertip beneath her panties and tossing them on his lap before turning around, bending down to touch her fingertips to the carpet first.. then slowly dropped to her knees, pressing her cheek against the floor, back arching, ass out for her Master.

His head fell back as he felt the wonderful, warm, succulent wetness of her mouth entrapping his needy cock, ever so delicately taunting at my already painful arousal before she straightened to disrobe. His hand stroked her saliva up and down his eager shaft, watching her body present itself to him. A low, hungry moan slipped past his lips as his eyes feast on her glotiously rounded ass.

“Grind your hips for me, baby doll… work your ass for me,” he ordered huskily, and she only eagerly fulfilled his wish. Arching her back further so that her chest was pressed against the floor – ass out – she spread her legs a little, her wet, glistening sex teasingly visible as she circled her hips. She straightened her arms out in front of her and pushed back, her ass bumping against his legs, hips grinding the air as she tried to make him want her as much as she already ached for him.

He leaned down, helpless but to grab her ass. Both his hands groped her fleshy, delicious cheeks, and he groaned aloud in absolutely depraved delight. One of his hands slipped between her thighs and he ran his fingers up and down her wet, sopping slit, raising her already raging lust to even higher realms. He slipped his fingers inside her, , smirking at how addictingly tight her inner walls were.

Biting her lips as his hands moved to her ass, she continued to lift her hips and bend her knees, pushing her ass back and forward, whimpering lustfully as his fingers run and tease along her greedy sex. She moaned darkly against the side of her arm, the sound muffled as she ground her hips even more, less now for his enjoyment, and more for taking his fingers deeper, harder.. taking them where she needed them, wanting his cock inside her instead.

Feeling his touch grow more insistent, her fingers curled in front of her, arms still stretched, from the lust and pleasure slowly overwhelming her, her sex weeping with quickly awoken arousal and rising need, and moan after soft, whispering moan spilled from her lips, her hips dropping onto his fingers, taking him bruisingly deeper as her body greedily begged for more.

He could sense her slipping away, yielding to the towering, uncompomising attack of pure, torrid pleasure. Slowly, he sank down to his knees and his other hand came around to rest on her waist, giving him leverage to pound into her pussy harder and faster and deeper… fucking her with his fingers.

A sob tore from her throat as his fingers furiously fucked her, and she slid one hand beneath her body, pressing her fingers against her aching, needy clit, rubbing fast, hard, and just as furiously. His name was a dark groan on her lips as she felt it wash over her, overwhelming and devastating, her sex clamping tightly around his fingers as her climax crashed into her.

“Mmm… oh yes,” he growled, hungrily slamming his fingers faster and harder inside her suddenly, incredibly tight little pussy. “Oh yes, baby.. Cum for me.. Cum all over those naughty little fingers as I fuck you to my heart’s content,” he teased, his lips falling onto her ripened ass cheeks and he suckled on her flesh wantonly.

With his fingers still driving and thrusting relentlessly, her release dragged on, wave after wave of pleasure rolling through her; moans, whimpers, and murmurs of praise fell from her lips as she mindlessly ground and rocked her hips, insistently seeking even more pleasure, coating his fingers with her sweet essence, body shuddering and trembling.

Slowly, he brought her down from it. Despite the rolling, tumbling orgasms, he began pulling his fingers out, easing his thrusts and finally, absolutely stopping before pulling his fingers out and bringing her soaking, sumptuously sweet cum to his mouth and he wrapped his lips around his digits, suckling lewdly, a dark moan rumbling from his chest….

Pleasing My Master, Part 2

She whimpered softly as he pulled his fingers away, her body still trembling and shuddering softly. Her face was buried in the crook of the arm that held her up as she came down from bliss, attempting to control her breathing as she softly, lightly slid the fingers that had been rubbing her clit.. back further to pet and caress her still sensitive sex tenderly, affectionately.. petting and caressing softly as the last of her climax faded away, and she swallowed tightly, her voice thick as she murmured a satisfied, “Mmm, Master..”

His lips were soft on her ass, drastically contrasting to how hard he just fucked her with his fingers. He moaned as he feast on her deliciously firm flesh, gnawing and biting at her whilst she brought herself down slowly from the aching bliss.

“Did you enjoy that, my lovely?”

She swallowed once more and nodded, a shiver slightly rocking her body as his mouth moved over her ass, her hand dropping and moving to rest near her head as she looked over her shoulder to try to catch a glimpse of her Master as she whispered, “I loved it, Sir.. loved it.. but want.. more…”

“Mmm. And what is it that me baby wants?” He whispered, his voice low and gruff as he leaned back, servicing his eyes as he gazed at her body; her thighs glimmered with her wetness and her ass so wantonly laid out for him.

“You,” she whispered, dropping her head to press her forehead against the floor as she arched her back, presenting to him her ass enticingly once more.. “You thrusting into me.. your cock filling and stretching me.. your groans in my ear, your heavy breathing caressing my skin.. your shout of pleasure when you cum.. when I make you cum, Master..”

“That’s my sweet little sillybee,” he purred, getting in behind her, his hard, throbbing member pressing in against her wet, wonderfully swollen folds… slowly, gently slipping his engorged head inside her, growling as he did so whilst his hands grasped at her hips, pulling her back so he could fuck her deeper.

She shivered at his growling tone, the sound making her sex weep in anticipation for his thick arousal, and a whimper parted her lips as he slowly, teasingly slid in. She pushed her hips back, taking him deeper in a silently plea for him to stop being so slow and gentle, moaning the words, “Fuck me, Sir.. Show me how a Master takes his slave..”

“Yeah, you want it like that?” He asked, his hand rising from her hips to slam down in a perversely hard spank even as his hips began to pick up speed. His cock slammed inside her, all delicacy lost as he did indeed take her as a Master fucks his slave.

Rising up on her hands, she cried out at the spank, back arching as the sweet pain and heat travelled along her spine, her skin, the exquisite sensation making her sex convulse and tighten around his insatiable arousal, and she used her hands to push back with each of his hard forward thrusts, taking him bruisingly deeper, harder, and faster as she moaned and gasped out, “Yes.. yes.. Mmm.. just like this.. Yes, fuck me.. Fuck me, Master..” The last syllable was said on a dark moan, letting him know it’s him that she craved, him she wanted, no other.

One hand moved around to press and knead and squeeze her ass with voracious hunger. His cock pummeled into her sex, egged on by her sinful confessions as he unleashed all of his lust at once. His thumb slipped into her ass, spreading her tight little hole whilst her other hole was smothered by his relentlessly pounding shaft over and over again.

She gasped at the deliciously taboo, wanton feeling of his digit invading her puckered hole, her body trembling as a heady shiver rolled down her spine, and she bit her lip on a moan as she continued to meet his thrusts with her rocking hips, Her head hung between her shoulders as she whimpered and moaned, breath heavy as his hardness and thumb sent wave after wave of pleasure.

“Oh my God… Oh fucking, hell..” He gasped and moaned with each thrust. Her sweet sex was just so tight; her ass so deliciously clenched around his finger. Her body bucked back into his, as hungry and needy as his own and all of that combined with her gorgeously depraved moaning to make him fall over the edge and he roared out her name as his cock spurt thick, rich cum inside her, coating her greedy sex with the one thing she had craved. And at the sound of his climax.. of her name on his lips.. and at the feel of his cum coating and painting her sex, she followed right behind him, her elbows buckling beneath the ecstasy. With her chest pressed to the ground, she continued to grind her hips against his as they both experienced release, her sex squeezing him tight, milking every last drop from his beautiful cock, and moan after moan spilled from her lips.

“Oh my God.. Oh fuck, baby.. Oh, damn..” He kept cursing.. it just felt that fucking good. She caused his orgasm to prolong with her lovely hips and he savored a most glorious release, every last drop filling and brimming past her sex to trickle down his shaft.

And.. wanting to prolong his pleasure just a fraction longer.. she reached down to caress and fondle the warm orbs that hung below that glorious cock of his.. her sex squeezing and convulsing with him still inside her.. deliberately tightening the ring of muscle around his thumb. The actions, done for him, only made her moan and whimper, loving the feel of him.

He gasped and tensed immediately as she caressed his balls. “Oh fuck me!” He spurt, desperately lost in all the ludicrous pleasure.. “Oh you evil, darling, devious sillybee…”

She tossed a cheeky, mischievous grin at him over her shoulder, and in response, he growled, wrapping an arm around her, beneath her breasts, and jerked her body upright to press her back to his chest. The new position caused his softening cock to go deeper as he was taller, his thighs longer. Releasing his thumb from the treasure of her ass, he lift the arm not caging her body to gently yet firmly grasp her chin, tilting her head, and pulled her lips to his own for one last, hungry kiss as he bucked his hips, thrusting himself harder, bruisingly deeper, and introduced a bite of pain that made her whimper, back arching slightly as he held her.. tongues caressing, brushing, and dancing sensually before he pulled away just enough to murmur, eyes dropping to gaze into hers, “That’s my girl..”

Just a Bit of Fun


Smirks and pokes back.

Scrunches her nose and pokes again, playfully sticking out her tongue.

Chuckles and playfully pokes the tip of her pretty tongue.

Giggles, nipping lightly at his fingertip.

Suddenly losing all humor, he presses his finger against her soft lips gently.

Smiles, parting her lips at the press of his finger.

Licking his own lips — his eyes flickering — he slips his finger along her tongue sensually.

Twirling her tongue around his finger, she closes her lips around the digit, sucking on it lightly.

Leans closer, his finger massaging her tongue sensually.

Holds his gaze as she continues to suck on his finger, tongue caressing and brushing against it.

Suddenly pulls his finger from her mouth, catching her lips in a deep, hungry kiss.

Moans softly as she finds his lips pressed to hers, her own still parted from his finger, allowing her tongue to slip between and lick his lips hungrily.

His tongue darts forth, sliding along hers roughly, swirling around it, grinding against it as he presses her to her back on the bed, his body moving above her, never once breaking the kiss.

She closes her eyes as she’s pressed to her back, legs parting to cradle his hips between her thighs, arms moving to wrap around his shoulders as she kisses him passionately, tongue and lips ravenous for his mouth.

His tongue grinding and swirling around hers, he moves between her parted thighs, grinding into her slowly and teasing.

Moaning at the feel of him pressing against her, she rocks her hips against him in return, fingers running through his hair, holding him to her kiss as tongues dance sensually.

His hands dip to her sides, slipping under her tank top to caress along her soft skin, his tongue continuing to dance along with hers, deeply enjoying the taste of her wonderful mouth.

Shivering from the feel of his big, rough hands touching her bare skin, she whimpers lustfully into his mouth, his name whispering between her lips as she continues to kiss him deeply, hungrily.

Groaning with pleasure, he breaks the kiss to look at her for a moment, at the same time, lifting her shirt off, wanting to admire her lovely form under his touch.

Having unwrapped her arms from around him to help take off her tank top, she merely curls her fingers into her sheets at her sides, letting his eyes take their fill of her, eyes opening to look up at him, bottom lip between her teeth.

Licking his lips slowly before leaning down and brushing his lips along the curve of her breast slowly, he groans softly at the sensation of her warm, soft skin against his lips.

Moans softly, her back lifting slightly off the bed in a small arch, and she tightens her fingers in the sheets, lifting her hips to grind against him.

Smiling at the sound of her soft moan, he brushes his lips along her breast until he finds her nipple; taking it into the hot, cavern of his mouth, he sucks upon it slowly and intimately.

This time, when her back arches, it lifts completely off the bed, ass and head press back as she moans deeper, darker, body trembling from the sensation of her sensitive peak in his warm, wet mouth.

His arms wrap under her arched body, holding her in that lovely position, as he continues to suckle upon her soft breast, feeling her lovely nipple puckering quickly.

Releasing her sheets, she lifts her hands to his head, holding him to her breast as pleasure slowly, leisurely, and deliciously swamps her with each draw of his mouth, making her whimper softly.

Feeling her hands, he groans a little, vibrating her breast before he sets his tongue to flicking back and forth across her tender nipple.

With his arms beneath her, she wraps her legs around his waist, letting her better grind her hips against his as she moans from each flick of his tongue.

Groaning at the wrapping of her legs, he grinds harder against her, driving down against her as he bites at her nipple, tugging it gently.

Gasping at the sting of his teeth, the exquisite feeling going straight to her clit, she arches her back even more, the feel of his rough jeans grinding against her through her thin panties making her moan.

Pulling his mouth from her breast, he sits up, unbottoning his white dress shirt from work and tossing it aside before reaching for his belt, tugging it loose and undoing his slacks.

Following him into a sitting position, her mouth eagerly and hungrily feasts on his chest the moment it’s revealed, lips kissing and tongue licking, her hands joining his to unzip his jeans, pushing them to his knees in a rush as she murmurs softly, “I need you, baby..”

Loving what she said, her words voicing exactly what he was feeling, he kissed her deeply and sensually before laying her back again. Shifting above her, he slowly and intimate pushes her panties down her thighs and past her knees, leaving them for her to kick off as he does so with his pants.

After kicking off her panties, she once more opens her legs for him, her thighs cradling his hips as she takes his mouth in a passionate, hungry kiss, lifting her hips to press her greedy sex against his length, a silent entreaty for him to do what they both desperately wanted.

He kisses her back powerfully, his tongue swirling around hers roughly. Slipping a hand between them, he grips his cock, sliding his tip along her heated folds before he slips inside her slightly. Reaching up, he cradles her head as he slowly pushes into her wonderful sex.

Whimpering as he teases her with merely running the tip of what she wanted along her intimate lips, causing her to tremble in anticipation and pleasure, she moans deeply as he slowly pushes in, invading and stretching her sex deliciously as she continues to kiss him deeply.

Needing breath, he breaks the kiss, looking into her eyes intimately as he continues to push into her, groaning softly at the feel of her deliciously tight sex, squeezing him and seeming to invite him in all at the same time.

Mewling greedily at the loss of his mouth, her lips follow his before she gets lost in the dark, hungry look in his eyes, her lips merely hovering near his, heavy breaths mingling as she moans softly, a long, low sound, from the feel of him so slowly sliding into her.

Taking her lips once more in a deep kiss, he slowly draws back before thrusting into her, making love to her slowly and intimately, holding her close to his body, his kiss deep and passionate.

Licking her lips at the slow, delicious rhythm of his hips, she returns his kiss, lips and tongue moving sensually with his as she moans softly, a breathy sound that each slide of his hard length causes.

Groaning with pleasure, he whispers her name against her lips sensually before kissing her deeply again, his pace slow and intimate, holding her close.

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she holds his body to hers as she curls her fingers into his hair, holding his lips to hers as she gazes into his eyes, her own dark with arousal and pleasure, lips parting with a small whimper.

Hearing her soft whimper, he breaks the kiss, leaning down to nip and suckle at her neck, something he knew made her melt. His thrusts grow more frantic with need and desire, thrusting into her deeply, needing more of her as his hunger grows.

She moans deeply against his lips as he changes rhythm and she wraps her legs around his waist, opening herself more and taking him deeper as she tightens her limbs around him, whispering breathlessly against his lips, “You feel so good, baby..”

He moans deeply as he feels her open up under him, allowing him deeper. Kissing her hotly, he continues to increase the pace of his thrusts, moaning in pleasure as his length throbs deep within her core.

Gasping and moaning at the further increase of his thrusts, she hungrily kisses him, each nuance of sound swallowed by his lips as his pounding into her swamps her with glorious pleasure.

He growls softly against her soft lips, his hips grinding and thrusting deeply against her, driving deep inside her. The sounds of their lovely body coupling making him thrust hard, the sweet sounds making him groan in pleasure.

With each of his thrusts, each flutter of her sex..

with every groan and whimper..

they raced closer..

toward release..

until finally..


Mistress’ Punishment

Slave, in your quest to please… how far will you go to entertain me? I was quite disappointed, and naughty girls who tease and run away need some punishing.

I’d take any punishment you decide to give me as long as it earns your forgiveness, Mistress, and I promise never to be a naughty tease again.

Mistress is donned in a leather corset that helps push her breasts up, black thigh high stockings, a skimpy thong and elbow gloves. Her long red hair is tied back in a pony tail as she smiles. I am eager to see this. She moves towards me, coaxing my cheek with her hand. I am eager indeed. Please tell me at any moment, though, if you are uncomfortable.

Licking my lips at the sight of her, I reflexively sway forward at her touch, so eager to obey and please her. I can’t help but doubt that anything you do would be uncomfortable, Mistress.

Excellent. She pulls a riding crop from behind her back and smiles before gently pushing me to the ground. Very excellent. Present yourself, love.

Falling gracefully to my knees, I then slide my hands forward as I arch my back, pressing my chest to the ground, ass wantonly in the air, hips squirming just slightly. Like this?

Exactly like that. She trails the crop along my back before gently circling it around the soft flesh of my ass. Tell me, love. Are there any dirty, unladylike names that you love to be called? She gently pats me with it.

A shiver races down my spine, following the guidance of the crop, body shuddering from the soft, light sensation of its touch as I softly gasp out the words, breath already heavy. Not.. not particularly.. but I’ll love.. whatever you choose.. to call me.. I bite my lip on a soft, anticipatory whimper.

Mistress leans down over me to whisper into my ear. Then you will be my slut, love. She takes the crop and gives me a strong, firm swat on my ass.

Y-yes, yes.. I cry out at that first lick of her crop, the exquisite pain shooting up my spine and down straight to my clit, my hips rocking forward at the sensation and I gasp out. Y-yes, Mistress…

Mistress smiles and leans in again. Oh.. you do like that, don’t you.. Ask for it then. She trails the crop down my back and swats me with it once on each cheek before using its tip to gently tease me between my legs. Beg for it…

Whimpering from the added swats, only to moan at the feel of the crop so softly touching me, covering itself in the arousal so freely flowing, I lick my lips and arch my back, grinding my ass into the air in a silent plea as I murmur one not so silent. Mmm.. Mistress, please.. please spank me.. touch me, kiss me, lick me with your crop.. I’m a naughty tease that needs to be punished..

Mistress grins at hearing those words and brings the crop down firmly on each of my ass cheeks several times in a row… a long string of flesh-reddening assaults that she ends with a firm, hard swat to my ass with her gloved hand. Such a naughty little slut… so eager to please her Mistress. Such a good girl. she takes a handful of my hair and pulls my head back slightly before landing another swat on my ass. So eager to be punished…

Whimpering and gasping with each little punishment, my sounds become louder with each succession, my body nothing but a mass of trembles and shudders from the barrage of sensations overwhelming me, and with the spank from her hand, I cry out, lips parting on a silent moan as my hair is tugged and pulled, throat convulsing from a hard swallow as I try to catch my breath before murmuring only what I can. Y-yes, Mistress..

She releases my hair and gently pushes my chest down to the ground. What a good girl. I can hear her walk around in front of me and between her gloriously long legs is a long, thick strap-on hanging in front of my face, and my drenched sex spasms at the sight. My little slut has earned some rewards, if she’d like to accept them…

I pull my bottom lip between my teeth as I tilt my head back from my position at Mistress’ feet to see the fake cock, my already wet sex gushing my arousal even more at the sight and I groan a single word… Mistress …before leaning forward to flick my tongue across the tip of it, my only answer to her words.

Mistress grins as I begin to take it into my mouth. She grabs a handful of my hair again and looks down at my eager face slyly. Do well enough, slut, and I’ll fuck you with it.

Hips squirming in anticipation, I take the head of Mistress’ fake cock in my mouth, sucking on the crown as I swirl my tongue around it before slowly bobbing up and down, getting it slick in the hopes of being fucked by Mistress. She tightens her grasp on my hair and forcefully pulls my head down the length of the shaft, holding it at the hilt for several seconds before letting me off. That’s a good slut. Now tell me what you want.

Taking a deep, gasping breath once she releases me, I swallow once and lick my lips before begging softly, my cheek nuzzling Mistress’ cock. I want.. I want you to fuck me, Mistress.. please.. please won’t you fuck me?

She again takes a handful of my hair. Good girl.. such a good little slut. She walks around behind me and gives my ass a firm swat before taking two deep, rough handfuls of it and driving her fake cock straight into my pussy. Head tossed back with my sudden cry of pleasure, I immediately and reflexively push my hips back, grinding my pussy so eagerly on her shaft, moaning out the title.. Mistress ..on a long drawn out sound as I arch my back, pressing face and chest into the floor. She holds onto my ass like two handfuls of clay, gripping tightly as she pounds her way into my craven pussy one feral thrust at a time, pushing all the way to the hilt with each thrust. This is what little teasers get, slut…

Moaning with each punishing thrust Mistress pounds my pussy with, I ride her cock as if my very life depended on it, body shuddering and convulsing as pleasure engulfs me, the words.. Mistress, baby, love, darling ..falling from my lips over and over. She leans in over my body as she uses it, spends it, and forces her way inside it. Scream for me. Scream for me to make you cum. I want to hear the need in your voice. See it in your face.

Turning my head to look Mistress in the eye, every nuance of pleasure transforming my face for her to see, I arch my back as I cry out as instructed. God, yes, Mistress.. please! Please make me cum with your thick cock! I want to cum for you Mistress.. Mmmm, I do.. so much.. please, please, please! ..make me cum..

Mistress, gripping my flesh tighter still, drives her cock into my folds with even more ferocity as I feel her hand strike my apple-red ass while her other hand pulls back on my hair. Such a good little girl…

Right when I feel my release coming upon me.. her fake cock driving into me, the top swells of her breasts pressed flush against my back as she leans over me, her soft corset stroking my skin with each grinding thrust as her hands move along my sides to find my swinging breasts, and her fingers pinch, roll, and sweetly torture my sensitive nipples.. right when my body tenses with my climax…

Ready for your punishment, you teasing little slut? Without waiting for my answer, though I wouldn’t have given one in my confused, lust-swamped mind, Mistress pulls out, twisting my nipples as she stands, landing one last spank to my ass. Leaving me unsatisfied, on the edge of climax, she walks out of the room, shutting the door behind her after giving one last command. Don’t you dare touch yourself.

I collapse onto the floor, muscles weak. Yes, Mistress.

The sexiest fucking thing I’ve seen on tumblr yet..

I love the way you bounce baby, escaping my touch at the same time you seek it.. Your pussy’s so fucking beautiful, I love it.. and you do too, I know it. I can feel how wet you are. You like Master’s soft spankings don’t you? More than when my palm lands hard on your ass, or my fingers slap across your face and tits. Mmmm.. so fucking beautiful.

Mmmm.. yummy.

"Ohmygod, baby.. like that.. right there, right there. Ohmygod, your cock feels so good.. harder.. harder, Mmmmm.. god, I fucking love your cock.. fuck me baby, oh God, yes.. yes, yes, yes! Right there.. whimpers..”

This GIF has it all.. deep, soulful gazing.. slow, sensual movements.. his body clenching from the pleasuring she’s giving him.. his hands holding her close, protectively.. her pussy clenching so tight around him, greedy and not wanting to let go.. *squirms before dashing for the pink vibrator*